Car and Van Wrapping Prices

So… you want to know how much will it cost to wrap your car or van in the UK.

“I’ve been told by friends that car wrapping is expensive”

Many people ask us the same question every day and there is no definitive answer.

It is dependent on these factors:

What colour vinyl wrap do you want?

What car or van do you want to wrap?

The cost of the wrap depends on how far you want to go with it.  Do you want your vehicle totally wrapped including the door shuts or just a kerb side wrap.

An example of a full-colour digital wrap on a Transit short wheel base van could cost from £1,400.00.  In contrast, a colour change to the same vehicle using 3M or Avery coloured vinyl could cost from £1,000.00.

A big consideration in deciding on your vehicle advertising is that a full-colour advertisement in the Yellow Pages, on the inside front cover, will cost you £9,000 and will last a year.  A full wrap will cost you under £2,500 and will last for up to 5 years. Reports suggest that up to 24,000 people will see a vehicle on the roads in a single working day, making your investment in a corporate identity worth around £1.37 per day in advertising over 5 years compared to £24.65 per day with the Yellow Pages… you do the math.

As with everything in life, unfortunately you get what you pay for.  We only use wrapping films that we have tested over many years and we offer a warranty on all films we install.  Wesigns can also offer vinyl wrap films on a supply only basis, delivering to you the right amount of film for you to wrap your vehicle yourself.  You Tube wrap demonstrations are available.