Exhibition Signage

Exhibition, displays, trade shows, seminars and just about any event you can imagine are designed to draw crowds of people.

These events are primed full of people who might otherwise overlook your stand if you don’t have an eye-catching banner or flag.

Grab the attention of the crowds by putting together a display that will stick in their minds and get noticed. We can supply and design all banners, feather flags and roller banners that you may need for your display purposes!

Freshen up your display stand promotion with a new set of graphics or replace a damaged banner. All new graphic panels are supplied with hangers and magnetic tape installed and will be ready to hang on your existing stand.


We use eco-solvent inks so your prints will not fade and scratch off. All outdoor banners are fully waterproofed.

440 gsm PVC Banners for internal and external use, are available finished: hemmed with eyelets, hemmed only, trimmed to size, trimmed with eyelets or pole pockets for easy mounting in any situation.

Each banner is printed and finished to your requirements which should be stated with your order.

Used for a variety of events, such as… street campaign banners, sporting event banners, advertising banners, exhibition banners, event banners, corporate event banners, birthday banners, party banners, etc.


Please be aware that banners are only temporary signage and we cannot be held responsible for any fitting or installation issues. As with all temporary signage, they should be taken down in winds exceeding 30mph.

Feather Flags

High quality printed feather flags produced in house at Wesigns with a high quality with excellent colour matching. Our feather flag is one of the most competitively priced feather flag systems on the market.

Our feather flags/sail flags and flags are machined with either a black or white heading to cover the pole as standard. Other colour options available on request. If you would like more information on our feather flag range or shapes contact us.

  • Aluminium construction pole
  • Digitally printed on100% polyester
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Carry case provided with assembly kit

Optional Extras

  • Water base (30kg) for hard standing use
  • Concrete base (25kg) for hard standing use
  • Car wheel base use under the wheel of a car
  • X-Base for internal use

2200mm Feather Flag

  • Total Height: 3000mm
  • Dimensions: 2200mm(w) x 850mm(h)
  • Weight: 4.5kg

3300mm Feather Flag

  • Total Height: 4100mm
  • Dimensions: 3300mm(w) x 850mm(h)
  • Weight: 5.5kg

4400mm Feather Flag

  • Total Height: 5200mm
  • Dimensions: 4400mm(w) x 850mm(h)
  • Weight: 6.5kg

Feather Flag pole

  • Pole diameter 32mm
  • Pole wall thickness 0.7mm
  • Length of one pole section Is 1100mm
  • Fitting join length 750mm
  • Length of flexible rod 1220mm

Roller Banners

We can provide pull/roll up banners (800 x 2000mm) or PVC Banners for internal and external use, they come hemmed and with eyelets for easy mounting.

Roller Banners are the most popular type of banner stand.

Roller banners work by attaching the banner stand graphic to a spring loaded spindle which is housed inside a base.

The roller banner graphic can be extended by pulling up the print to hook it over a support pole at the rear of the roller banner. When it’s time to pack-away your roller banner you simply unhook the print from the top of the pole and the banner quickly rolls up into the base.

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