Exhibition, displays, trade shows, seminars and just about any event you can imagine are designed to draw crowds of people.

These events are primed full of people who might otherwise overlook your stand if you have a mediocre presence.

Grasp the attention of the crowds by putting together a display that will stick in the mind and get noticed.

Or freshen up your display stand promotion with a new set of graphics – or perhaps you just need to replace a panel which you have damaged. All new graphic panels are supplied with hangers and magnetic tape installed and will be ready to hang on your existing stand.

If the original panels were made from your own artwork, we suggest that you supply and upload the artwork files again. Should the original stand panels have been designed by us, then you just need to send us the details of the previous design, so we can tie up your requirements.

All prices assume producing new panels to fit our own previously supplied stand system. For other panel systems, please give us a call and we will do our best to assist.